Hunting in Poland

  • For more than a decade we have offered first class hunting in Poland. Jaworski Hunting is one of the largest hunting agent in Poland. ...Read More
  • Poland is one of Europe’s traditional hunting countries: Every year thousands of hunters hunt red stag, wild boar, fallow deer and of course roe buck....Read More

Hunting in Poland

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For more than twenty years we have been organizing hunting trips to Poland. Jaworski Hunting offers the best hunting areas in Poland and the best prices. Whether you are interested in a particular region (click on „Our areas“ in the menu bar to find more) or looking for a specific game (click on „Game“ in the menu bar to find more) we can arrange your hunt in Poland to suit your style.

If you plan to hunt in Poland – hunt with us:

Logo rund1 150x150 Hunting in Poland For over twenty years we have provided successful hunting trips to Poland.

Logo rund1 150x150 Hunting in Poland Thanks to our strong market position, we can offer the best hunting areas and the best prices.

Logo rund1 150x150 Hunting in Poland Our head office is located in Poland; we regularly inspect our hunting areas and stay in touch with the hunters and providers.

Logo rund1 150x150 Hunting in Poland A family run business focussed on customer satisfaction. No glitzy offices, no bureaucracy; one on one service. We keep costs low and offer unforgettable hunting experience in Poland.

We will gladly provide refrences if requested.

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Roe buck hunt 2013

rogacze 145 Roe buck hunt 2013The rutting time for roe bucks is over and we look back
on many successful hunts. Especially at the beginning of
the rut as our hunters had to fight with an extraordinary
heat. However, despite these adverse conditions hunters brought
home with them very good trophies and unforgettable hunting
experience. Below is a selection of particularly interesting
roebuck of our customers:

Abnormal roe buck

Rogacz Pomorski Klub Mysliwski Abnormal roe buckAbnormal roe buck from hunting club
Pomorski Klub Mysliwski (Pomerania region)

Capital roe buck

Rogacz Pelnia Łąkorz Capital roe buckCapital roe buck from
hunting club Pelnia Lakorz (Masuria region)

Roe buck hunt in Zuraw Jutrosin

Rogacz Zuraw Jutrosin 1 Roe buck hunt in Zuraw JutrosinUnique trophy from hunting club
Zuraw Jutrosin (Greater Poland region)

Outstanding driven hunt season

Maniszewo1 Outstanding driven hunt seasonWe are looking back on an extremely successful
driven hunt season! As succesfull results as we had
this year we haven’t had often. In state area Maniszewo
our 13 hunters shot 35 wild boars, 17 roe deers
and 4 red deer in three hunting days.
In state area Maniszewo we organize until
10.05 succesfull individual hunts for
wild boars with following discounts:
wild boars up to 49,99 kg – for free
wild boars from 50 kg – 50% discount
tuskers – 20% discount

Wild boar hunt

Czempin Wild boar huntIn State area Czempin, which is located close to Poznan,
11 of our hunters were enjoying final results of
one day of hunt. They have shot 17 wild boars,
1 roe and 1 red deers and 2 foxes.

Red stag rut 2012

Hirch20123 300x197 Red stag rut 2012

The rutting time for red stags comes to an end. Thanks
to cold mornings the rut was in this year successful.
The red stags have as always addapted to the weather
conditions. The trophies in this year were strong again.
Almost all of our clients have brought with them
trophies of red stags over 6 kg. Also one of the red
stags shot by one of our client in State area Czempin
had weight of 7,18 kg.

Dream trophy from Greater Poland

Rehbock Dream trophy from Greater Poland
One of our clients had luck and shot this dream trophy
in one of our areas in Greater Poland. We congratulate him
on this strong roe buck and memorable hunt in Poland.

Successful hunting day for roe bucks

Rehbock1 Successful hunting day for roe bucks
Our client Dr. Bernd Sänger had a very successful hunting day in
forestry Miedzyzdroje for roe bucks. Like many of our clients
he has shot a nice roe buck. This roe buck weighted 280 grams/net.